Ask Meg…”How do I clean for a houseful of company?”

I love when my family comes to town. I don’t love the anxiety I feel that everything has to be perfect but even more than that I hate the cleaning when they’re gone. Any tips? 

Connie R.

Hi Connie, 

Don’t feel bad! We’re all the same. Nothing makes me take notice of my unfinished cleaning jobs more than my mom coming to visit. She’s fabulous and I’m convinced she may be superhuman. You may even have a mother-in-law stopping in too and that can be a whole other story!  

Don’t panic! In one of my recent posts I wrote about fall cleaning tips. Read that column and take a quick breath. You’re already ahead of the game. Just don’t get overwhelmed and follow that list, because it is a good way to approach all cleaning tasks, not just fall cleaning.  

Now, let’s talk about after the family is gone and all you’re left with is (hopefully!) a lot of happy memories and a few stains on your carpet. 

Here’s the quick fix cleanup you need to know to remove stains: 

  • Wine: salt- keeps it from setting until you decide your cleaning method of choice. 
  • Juice: shaving cream
  • Ink: hair spray 
  • Gum: ice 

And it probably goes without saying that it may be time to call the experts at ProJan. Some stains are just too stubborn for DIY.  

With your family gone and your house quiet it may be time to celebrate another family visit success. Feel free to pour yourself a glass of wine and put your feet up.  No need to worry if it spills, right? 


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