Making Fall Cleaning Easy

Ask Meg…”How can I get my fall cleaning done more quickly?”

Meg,  fall cleaning is one of my least favorite things to do. How can I get it done quickly so I can move on to spending more time with my family? Pam Hi Pam, Fall is here! The leaves are starting to change color, the day is starting to shorten and everything is pumpkin flavored. […]

Puffbacks Part II

In our last blog we addressed how to identify a puffback, and then how to mitigate the damage. Today we will discuss how you can prevent a puffback from happening in the first place! Have your furnace or heating appliance serviced.  You should have your equipment serviced at least once a year.  Ask for a full service […]

Puffbacks Part I

Puffbacks, What Are They And How Can They Be Prevented? As fall approaches we look forward to seeing all the colors.  However those colors mean that it’s getting cooler, and as a result our furnaces will be running.  In many cases it will be the first time in months.  As a result we often see […]

Welcome to Ask Meg!

Ask Meg…   Well, hello! In the hopes of answering questions and making your lives a little easier, we are starting a column called “Ask Meg” for our readers.  We’ve all read advice columns where readers write in with their most perplexing relationship questions.  Here at ProJan, we get asked a lot of questions by […]

Social Media and Business

Social Media and Business Using social media in your business has become common place for many companies. But there are many who still don’t use it at all. From a marketing perspective social media does a few things for your business: Broader Audience Today more and more people are online. They use their phones, tablets […]

Soot Damage, Water Damage and Fire Damage

  Soot Damage, Water Damage, Fire Damage! All of these things require a team with special skills and training to take care of the restoration of your home. Our crews have that training and ProJan will have your home back together as quickly as possible. When damage strikes ProJan is there to restore your life […]

When Will Spring Arrive?

What a weird winter we have had, many of us look forward to the spring. The grass turns green, the trees bud and the birds begin to sing. March tends to be an uncertain month, we can still see snow but we can also see very warm days. Spring storms can bring rain, sleet, wind, […]

Red Sky In The Morning

We have all heard the old saying “Red sky in the morning sailor take warning, Red sky at night sailor delight”. But can the weather truly be predicted that way. There is definitely something to it! The picture in this post was taken the morning of a storm just a couple days ago. And it led […]

Frozen Pipes This Weekend

This past weekend has brought us very cold weather. If your feet hit the floor this morning and landed in water you might have a broken pipe. Frozen pipes are a reality after the cold weather weekend we just had. The question is what do you do now! What to do when frozen pipes break! 1. Turn […]

Winter Arrives Late In NEPA

Most people have welcomed the milder temps this winter as the mercury stays above freezing and there hasn’t been to much snow to speak of in our area. It seems like everywhere around us received a heavier dose of old man winter than we have. However, its not over yet. Snow squalls have dropped a […]