Red Sky In The Morning

We have all heard the old saying “Red sky in the morning sailor take warning, Red sky at night sailor delight”. But can the weather truly be predicted that way. There is definitely something to it! The picture in this post was taken the morning of a storm just a couple days ago. And it led […]

Frozen Pipes This Weekend

This past weekend has brought us very cold weather. If your feet hit the floor this morning and landed in water you might have a broken pipe. Frozen pipes are a reality after the cold weather weekend we just had. The question is what do you do now! What to do when frozen pipes break! 1. Turn […]

Winter Arrives Late In NEPA

Most people have welcomed the milder temps this winter as the mercury stays above freezing and there hasn’t been to much snow to speak of in our area. It seems like everywhere around us received a heavier dose of old man winter than we have. However, its not over yet. Snow squalls have dropped a […]

Super Bowl Commercials

Yesterday was Super Bowl 50! And like every year people gathered together to watch this epic event. If you missed it you can check out the recap of the game here: Super Bowl Highlights People watch the Super Bowl for lots of reasons, love of the sport, hanging out with friends, half time shows, tailgating, […]

ProJan Customer Satisfaction

At ProJan Cleaning and Restoration we take our job seriously and we pride ourselves on the work we do, however rather than tell you, I thought I would share some of the notes and surveys we have received from our clients. Instead of typing up what they said, I figured it would be best to […]

Make Your Marketing Efforts Fun and Interesting

We are living in a digital age! Everywhere you go you see people on computers, tablets, and phones. I was in a room the other day with a group of teenagers and they were all on their phones. When I asked “what are you doing” the reply was “we are texting!” I asked who they […]

Fire Damage Clean Up at Lakeville Fire Department

You don’t expect to hear that a fire department has a fire in their own building but, that is what happened when an emergency vehicle caught fire last week inside one of the bays at the Lakeville Volunteer Fire Company. Fire damage can be difficult to clean up because the smoke, and soot get everywhere, […]

Summer Grilling

Summertime is here, and life seems to get a little easier. Our days are longer and our nights are filled with activity. We look forward to the weekend, with parties and barbecues. Barbecues have become one of the most popular summer activities to attend. There is just something about getting together with friends and family, […]

College Insurance Check List

Students are gearing up to start, or go back to college. As students prepare there are a few things that may not be on our back to school list but should be. Don’t forget “insurance needs” when checking off items your college students should have to make their year successful, said Sandy Praeger, commissioner of […]

The Colors of Spring

It is nice to see some color once again after the very long winter we experienced. If carpet cleaning is part of your plans for spring, then give us a call to schedule today. Or select contact us from the menu and send us your information. Most of all though, enjoy the spring weather while […]