Why have ProJan clean your carpets?

It’s an incredible value.

It's the least expensive way you can improve the look of your home or business.

You’re carpet will love you!

Regular cleaning extends the life of carpets and maintains carpet warranties.

It protects & improves your health

Carpet cleaning drastically reduces allergens and other respiratory irritants, thereby making your home a safer, healthier place to live
How Clean Are Your Carpets - ProJan Cleaning and Restoration

Our Method

ProJan uses state of the art cleaning methods. By keeping up with the latest methods we ensure that your carpets maintain that like new look all the time, we extend the life of your carpets and we promote a healthy environment in your home.

INCREDIBLY CLEAN, SANITARY, AND RESIDUE FREE CARPETS! Projan also professionally cleans upholstery and draperies using the same safe, thorough method we use for carpets, but on a smaller scale. Projan's technicians are trained to handle special care and delicate fabrics as well as common fabrics. Call us today at 570-251-2541 to schedule your carpet cleaning.