Ask Meg… “How do I get my kids to clean their rooms?”

Dear Meg, I am so fed up with trying to get my kids to clean their rooms. It seems like I spend half my summer repeating “clean your room or you’re grounded!” Any tips to help me would be great. Thanks! Sarah P.S. Hope you’re having a great summer!   Hey Sarah! Hey guys! Happy […]

Ask Meg…”How do I clean for a houseful of company?”

I love when my family comes to town. I don’t love the anxiety I feel that everything has to be perfect but even more than that I hate the cleaning when they’re gone. Any tips?  Connie R. Hi Connie,  Don’t feel bad! We’re all the same. Nothing makes me take notice of my unfinished cleaning […]

Making Fall Cleaning Easy

Ask Meg…”How can I get my fall cleaning done more quickly?”

Meg,  fall cleaning is one of my least favorite things to do. How can I get it done quickly so I can move on to spending more time with my family? Pam Hi Pam, Fall is here! The leaves are starting to change color, the day is starting to shorten and everything is pumpkin flavored. […]

Welcome to Ask Meg!

Ask Meg…   Well, hello! In the hopes of answering questions and making your lives a little easier, we are starting a column called “Ask Meg” for our readers.  We’ve all read advice columns where readers write in with their most perplexing relationship questions.  Here at ProJan, we get asked a lot of questions by […]