Puffbacks Part II

In our last blog we addressed how to identify a puffback, and then how to mitigate the damage. Today we will discuss how you can prevent a puffback from happening in the first place! Have your furnace or heating appliance serviced.  You should have your equipment serviced at least once a year.  Ask for a full service […]

Puffbacks Part I

Puffbacks, What Are They And How Can They Be Prevented? As fall approaches we look forward to seeing all the colors.  However those colors mean that it’s getting cooler, and as a result our furnaces will be running.  In many cases it will be the first time in months.  As a result we often see […]

Frozen Pipes This Weekend

This past weekend has brought us very cold weather. If your feet hit the floor this morning and landed in water you might have a broken pipe. Frozen pipes are a reality after the cold weather weekend we just had. The question is what do you do now! What to do when frozen pipes break! 1. Turn […]

Winter Arrives Late In NEPA

Most people have welcomed the milder temps this winter as the mercury stays above freezing and there hasn’t been to much snow to speak of in our area. It seems like everywhere around us received a heavier dose of old man winter than we have. However, its not over yet. Snow squalls have dropped a […]

The Cool Breeze of Winter on Lake Wallenpaupack

The cool breeze of winter is blowing. Yesterday the windchill felt like -20 degrees and I had to stop and take an image of the wind whipping across the lake. The coldest months of winter are now upon us. As the storms of winter increase, and the snow begins to pile up our our roofs, […]

Using the Internet In Your Business

Will using the internet benefit my business? Here are a few things to think about: Do people use the internet to find the products you offer in your business? Are there opportunities that are left on the table by not having a presence on the internet? Will an internet presence set you apart from your […]

Soot Damage in Wayne, Pike, and Sullivan Counties

Soot Damage in Wayne, Pike and Sullivan County Well summer is past, and fall is quickly coming to an end.  We feel the air becoming brisk, and the days shortening, a sure sign that winter is right around the corner. There is a question we should all be asking ourselves, is my heating system ready for […]

Not Just Water, Soot, and Fire Restoration in Roscoe NY

The other day I was scanning through news stories and came across an interesting article from Forbes Magazine.  It caught my eye due to my growing obsession with fly fishing.  It was entitled “North America’s Top 10 Trout-Fishing Towns”.  I couldn’t wait to find out where these “Top 10 Towns” would be found. I found […]

Fire Prevention Month

Fire prevention month is coming up in October. We figured it was a great time to start raising awareness. Is your family ready? In October of 1871 the Great Chicago Fire destroyed buildings and homes killing nearly 250 people and leaving over 100,000 people homeless. October has become National Fire Prevention month and many fire […]