Springtime Flooding And Other Hazards

The spring thaw has begun and there are many things to think about when it comes to your home: Clear gutters and downspouts Repair loose or damaged shingles Inspect outdoor structure to make sure that there is no damage to home Check lawn for rocks and sticks that have been hidden by the snow Make […]

Ground Water and The Spring Thaw

How will the melting snow and storms of spring affect your home? The snow will soon start to melt!  Will the melting snow and the rain storms of spring impact your home or business? After heavy snow comes water, it is inevitable that at some point the snow will melt and when it does we have […]

Spring Weather and Thawing Snow Can Bring Trouble

After a winter like we have had, many of us are looking forward to Spring. But when will it get here? While I am not into predicting the weather I am sure spring will get here sooner or later. There is still a lot of snow on the ground and maybe even more to come. […]

Hot Water Explosion, Is This Happening To Your Pipes?

When boiling hot water is thrown into very cold air it causes the water to quickly freeze into tiny ice crystals, and it causes a really cool effect. However, when your pipes freeze and explode it is not cool, as a matter of fact it is down right destructive. Frozen pipes expand until they can […]

Wintering Eagles In Wayne and Sullivan Counties

We live in one of the prettiest parts of the Northeast. People are drawn to our area by the tranquil and natural beauty. Part of that beauty comes in the form of wildlife. Due to the abundance of natural habitat, and resources wild life flourishes in our area. Nearly everytime you take a scenic drive […]

Are You Ready For Winter?

You get up, just like you do every morning and you get ready to start your day. Then you step outside the door and you notice that something is different, the air is cooler, it smells a little fresher, crisper and you know that winter is coming. Summer was busy and flew by, fall is […]

Ledges Hotel in Hawley PA

Ledges Hotel Fire Damage in Hawley PA

Our crews were called out on an emergency fire that caused a lot of water damage to the Ledges Hotel in Hawley PA on Valentines Day 2014. We quickly went to work at extracting the water and tearing out the fire damaged walls, floors and ceilings. Our crews worked diligently to mitigate the damage as […]

Fall Carpet Cleaning Lake Ariel PA

I know that many of us don’t want to hear this, but summer is quickly fading into fall. As I drive around the area I have noticed the trees already changing colors.  We start to see school buses on our morning commutes and the smell of the air begins to change and get crisp. Our thoughts […]

ProJan Restoration New Truck Lettering

Carpet Cleaning Honesdale PA ProJan Cleaning and Restoration purchased a new carpet cleaning and water restoration truck this week to handle carpet cleaning and water restoration jobs. Currently ProJan Cleaning and Restoration does carpet cleaning  in Wayne, Pike and Sullivan counties.This truck will be our main carpet cleaning van and will also respond to water […]