When Will Spring Arrive?

What a weird winter we have had, many of us look forward to the spring. The grass turns green, the trees bud and the birds begin to sing. March tends to be an uncertain month, we can still see snow but we can also see very warm days. Spring storms can bring rain, sleet, wind, […]

Red Sky In The Morning

We have all heard the old saying “Red sky in the morning sailor take warning, Red sky at night sailor delight”. But can the weather truly be predicted that way. There is definitely something to it! The picture in this post was taken the morning of a storm just a couple days ago. And it led […]

Frozen Pipes This Weekend

This past weekend has brought us very cold weather. If your feet hit the floor this morning and landed in water you might have a broken pipe. Frozen pipes are a reality after the cold weather weekend we just had. The question is what do you do now! What to do when frozen pipes break! 1. Turn […]

Winter Arrives Late In NEPA

Most people have welcomed the milder temps this winter as the mercury stays above freezing and there hasn’t been to much snow to speak of in our area. It seems like everywhere around us received a heavier dose of old man winter than we have. However, its not over yet. Snow squalls have dropped a […]

Frozen Pipes, Broken Pipes and Water Damage Oh My

When the temperatures drop like they have this week, we begin to see more frozen pipes in homes and businesses. When water freezes it expands, that expansion can cause broken pipes, and water damage to your home or business. Even a small pipe break can cause massive amounts of water to flow through your home […]

Restoring Your Life, Not Just Your Home

When a disaster strikes your home you feel lost. Your home is your fortress of solitude, it is where you go to get away from the craziness of the world and spend time with your family. We know that when there is severe water damage, a fire or soot issue in your home it can […]

The Cool Breeze of Winter on Lake Wallenpaupack

The cool breeze of winter is blowing. Yesterday the windchill felt like -20 degrees and I had to stop and take an image of the wind whipping across the lake. The coldest months of winter are now upon us. As the storms of winter increase, and the snow begins to pile up our our roofs, […]

Will The Winter Temperatures Effect Your Home?

Below zero temperatures are coming soon! Winter is here and now is the time to begin taking extra precautions to protect yourself from Old Man Winter’s icy grip. Don’t forget that your home needs extra protection, too. Protect your home from the damage caused by broken pipes. The damage from frozen or broken pipes can be extensive and expensive to […]

Using the Internet In Your Business

Will using the internet benefit my business? Here are a few things to think about: Do people use the internet to find the products you offer in your business? Are there opportunities that are left on the table by not having a presence on the internet? Will an internet presence set you apart from your […]