College Insurance Check List

Students are gearing up to start, or go back to college. As students prepare there are a few things that may not be on our back to school list but should be. Don’t forget “insurance needs” when checking off items your college students should have to make their year successful, said Sandy Praeger, commissioner of insurance. “College students across the country will soon be heading back to their schools,” Commissioner Praeger said. “But in the rush to get there, students and parents shouldn’t forget to review their insurance coverage needs.” The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) have put together the following insurance tips for college students and parents.

What If My College Student Rents?

Parents should check with their insurance agents to determine whether their family homeowners policies extend to children away at school. If not, they could consider a renters policy for their students.

Before packing a student’s belongings into a car or rental trailer, make sure to talk with your insurance agent about whether the contents are insured. Ask if your homeowners insurance policy will cover the belongings in the student’s car or rental trailer before he/she gets to campus.

College Students and Auto Insurance

If a student is taking a car to school, check with your local agent about the current vehicle insurance policy. Ask about the rates for the college’s city and state before deciding whether to keep the student’s car on the family’s auto policy.

Many times your insurance company will offer discounts for students with good grades, so if you have a student that has a high GPA make sure they are getting credit for it with the insurance company.


College Students and Identity Theft Protection

Parents should check first to see if their homeowners policies include identity theft insurance while students are away from home. If a student is renting an apartment, ask if his/her renters insurance covers identity theft, or if that could be added to the policy.

  • Social Networking is a big deal on college campuses, Students should be careful what and how much information they are giving away.
  • Make sure valuables are locked away in a safe place when not with you. This includes important paper work, social security cards, birth certificates, and even computers and laptops.
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