Fire Damage Clean Up at Lakeville Fire Department

You don’t expect to hear that a fire department has a fire in their own building but, that is what happened when an emergency vehicle caught fire last week inside one of the bays at the Lakeville Volunteer Fire Company. Fire damage can be difficult to clean up because the smoke, and soot get everywhere, however our crews were up to the task. We had the ProJan cleaning crews on the scene right away and went to work on getting the fire department cleaned up so they could use their¬†dining hall this weekend.

When a fire occurs it is imperative to get a crew on scene as quickly as possible to take care of the soot and smoke damage. If left alone or not taken care of properly soot and smoke can continue to cause damage long after the fire is over.

Soot and smoke can cause corrosion, etching, discoloration, and odor. A professional team can come in and stop this before it happens in many cases.

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