Fire Damage

Fire damage restoration can be a messy business, literally. Most of the time you are dealing with burnt materials as well as soot damage and water damage. It takes a real expert to mitigate fire damage and restore your property back to its originally condition.

When fire damage occurs there are a number of things you can do immediately after the fire to protect yourself. The first step would be to board up the property. You will want to board up all doors and windows to protect the property from any further damage.

Boarding up the property protects the interior of the home and your belongings from the exterior elements, as well as curious investigators.

Here are some of the steps involved in the process of repairing fire damage:

  • Secure the property
  • Board the property
  • Tarp the roof if necessary
  • Set up an Emergency Power Source
  • Dry out the Structure
  • Heat the Structure if necessary
  • Removal and cleaning of salvageable contents
  • Removal and discarding of contents that are not salvageable
  • Tear out the damaged parts of the structure to prepare for reconstruction

We highly recommend that you have a professional crew do the fire damage clean up and restoration. These professionals are trained and know specifically what needs to be done to protect your home, your business and your interests in a situation like this.

Once the fire damage mitigation is complete our crews can start the reconstruction and restoration of your home or business. The goal of fire damage restoration is to remove all traces of the smoke, fire and water damage to your home or business so that when we have completed the work, it is the same or better than before the event occurred.

Many of your personal belongings can be cleaned and restored as well and our crews place them back in the property once the reconstruction is complete so that when you open the door after we have completed the job your life is back to the way it was before the fire damage event ever occurred.


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