Frozen Pipes This Weekend

This past weekend has brought us very cold weather. If your feet hit the floor this morning and landed in water you might have a broken pipe. Frozen pipes are a reality after the cold weather weekend we just had. The question is what do you do now!

What to do when frozen pipes break!

1. Turn off your water

2. Call ProJan 570-251-2541

ProJan will send an experienced crew to extract any standing water and get you started on your way to restoration. Time is of the essence. The sooner you get ProJan involved the more of your personal belongings and physical structure of your home we will be able to save.

3. Call your insurance company

When frozen pipes break it makes a real mess and your insurance is there to help you recover from the loss of this type of damage. You will want to get them involved right away so they can work with ProJan to assess the damage and get your restoration underway.

We know that this type of loss is devastating and can cause a lot of stress in your life. We want to minimize that stress as much as possible. If you have water damage to your home be sure and call us right away.

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