Ground Water and The Spring Thaw

How will the melting snow and storms of spring affect your home?

The snow will soon start to melt!  Will the melting snow and the rain storms of spring impact your home or business? After heavy snow comes water, it is inevitable that at some point the snow will melt and when it does we have to deal with the excess water.

Sometimes this water finds its way into our homes. What do we do when this happens?

When snow piles up around the sides of your home there is a possibility that snow melt will enter your basement during the spring thaw.

Most standard homeowners insurance policies cover some of the damage caused by the winter weather.   Coverage can vary but normally damage caused by a storm will be covered.  If your home gets damaged directly by snow, freezing rain, ice or wind, then your homeowners policy will likely cover the damage, this is not the same for a home damaged by the result of melting snow.

When the snow melts it can bring with it flooding and groundwater seeping into basements. in some circumstances, this can be a great deal of water. An event like this can be very costly especially if your basement is finished and has your personal contents in it. If this happens, the best course of action is to hire a company with the expertise and equipment to get your property dried out and belongings cleaned.

If snow melt finds its way into your home or business then one of the first things you need to do is get a water damage restoration started. ProJan Cleaning and Restoration is your local water damage restoration specialist.

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