ProJan now offers comprehensive monthly maintenance programs to fit the needs of YOUR HOME.

renovation-darkMaintenance Made Effortless

Most homeowners realize that proper maintenance raises the value of their home, and extends it's life.  With our busy schedules, it's hard to find time to do all the things we know we should. The weekends just seem to fly by!
That's why we are very excited to launch a new service that takes all of the stress out of maintaining your home. Imagine never worrying about scheduling carpet, furniture and window cleaning. Imagine your home being ready for winter, with chimney cleaning, HVAC service, and gutter cleaning all complete with no effort from you. That's what ProJan's Maintenance Program is all about.

Here's How it Works...

1. You give ProJan a call at 570-251-2541 and we will schedule a free, no obligation, home maintenance evaluation.
2. At your convenience, a ProJan technician will visit your home and outline the possible services that might be included in a home maintenance program.  The technician will custom tailor the program to YOUR needs, no hard sells involved! We're here to relieve stress, not create more!
3. When you reach an agreement on what fits the needs of your home and lifestyle, the technician will outline a low monthly cost that will cover ALL of your maintenance items.  To give you an idea of typical pricing, currently most maintenance programs cost between $150-$250 per month.
Again, everything is custom tailored to WHAT YOU NEED.  We're confident that once you experience the freedom of having all of your maintenance cared for by professionals, you'll never want to go back to the old way of stressing about it yourself.

log-cabinVacation Home Owner?

Are you a vacation home owner who enjoys the northeast as a place to get away? Then your vacation home should not be something that adds to your stress. Let ProJan take care of everything! From winterizing your pipes, cleaning your chimney, servicing your HVAC system, to pressure washing and setting up your outside furniture for spring. When it comes time to get away from the hustle and bustle, simply pack your things and show up at your beautiful, well maintained home. ProJan will have it ready for you!


Worry Free Guarantee

You may be thinking, "All of this may sound great, but what if..."
"ProJan comes to clean my carpets, but the following week my little son of daughter spills something?"

No worries. Give us a call, and we'll fix it.

"My furnace stops working at 12:00AM and it's 20 degrees outside."
No worries. We're available 24/7 for emergency furnace problems.
"I have a furnace puffback, water leak or other insurance related home damage?"
No worries. Dealing with insurance companies and restoring damaged homes is our specialty!! We know how to take the best care of you! Just read our testimonials or watch our testimonial videos to see the amazing way ProJan has taken care of our satisfied customers.
 Get the idea?

No stress, no worries. That's our guarantee.

Available Maintenance Services

Carpet & Furniture Cleaning

Never schedule carpet and upholstery cleaning again! ProJan will always be there to make your home beautiful!

HVAC & Chimney Service

Never worry if your heat or AC will work, or if your home is safe. ProJan is there for every season!

Winterization & Spring Setup

Seasonal home owner? ProJan is there to be sure your home is serviced and ready for winter. And we'll be there in the spring to set it back up for use!

Window & Gutter Cleaning

ProJan is there to make your home's windows shine bright in the spring time, and take care of those pesky leaves in the fall!