Puffbacks Part II

In our last blog we addressed how to identify a puffback, and then how to mitigate the damage. Today we will discuss how you can prevent a puffback from happening in the first place!

  • Have your furnace or heating appliance serviced.  You should have your equipment serviced at least once a year.  Ask for a full service cleaning.  Make sure that the technician services the entire unit.  You want more than the filters and nozzles to be changed!  Make sure that the combustion chamber looks good etc…
  • Stay alert for abnormalities.  Pay attention to strange noises and smells.  When something appears to be out of the norm call a technician to diagnosis or service the appliance soon.
  • Watch for oil leaks or air leaks.  Look for these anywhere along the oil piping system.  When you see a leak, you can assume that there is an air leak in the system as well.  This creates stress and problems with the furnace, often times resulting in a puffback.

If you follow these general suggestions, your risk of a puffback will be significantly reduced.  Let’s face it though we live busy lives!  Sometimes we get caught up with life, and before you know it we’re using our heating system without performing the proper maintenance.  I’m guilty of this myself.  Here’s how to fix it!  Set a recurring appointment in your phone’s calendar.  Make sure that this appointment pops up early enough in the year to avoid the fall rush.

By following these simple suggestions you’ll be able to enjoy winter without the worry of a ticking time bomb in your basement.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact our office.  We work with a number of furnace professionals.  We’d be glad to refer one to you.

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