Red Sky In The Morning

We have all heard the old saying “Red sky in the morning sailor take warning, Red sky at night sailor delight”. But can the weather truly be predicted that way. There is definitely something to it! The picture in this post was taken the morning of a storm just a couple days ago. And it led to 3 days of bad weather.

I looked into it a little deeper and it seems that the red sky in the morning is an indication of the amount of water particles in the atmosphere and can indicate the moving from a high pressure system to a low pressure system. I know that this explanation is not real scientific but there is a science behind it. The opposite is true about a red sky at night which can indicate the moving from a low to a high pressure system. Now I don’t pretend to know all that is behind that explanation but thats not the purpose of this post anyway.

The truth is the weather is hard to predict and if you have lived in NEPA for long you know that even though we have experienced milder weather for most of the winter there is still the possibility of storms. I don’t pretend to know whether things will stay mild or turn cold here at the end of the season but it is not a bad idea to remain prepared. Snow storms, ice storms, and flooding are still real possibilities, although most of us hope these things don’t happen, we need to make sure our homes are ready if they do. All of these types of events can cause water damage to your home and property.

So watch out for the “red sky in the morning” and stay safe.

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