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In the hopes of answering questions and making your lives a little easier, we are starting a column called “Ask Meg” for our readers.  We’ve all read advice columns where readers write in with their most perplexing relationship questions.  Here at ProJan, we get asked a lot of questions by homeowners when we are working for them.  And we thought, why not share what we know?  My name is Meg.  I’m not Martha Stewart and I’m not Heloise.  But I am a women who loves a clean house and wonders where and when I can find the time to balance it all.

I also know what it’s like to have the nightmare of coming home and finding a flood in your home.   Let me share that first day with you.
My husband and I pulled into our driveway and heard the sound of running water.  It sounded like it was raining.  I looked up as I stepped out of the car and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.  I still didn’t understand what was happening.  Water was pouring off of our upper deck and when I opened the door, there was water running and flooding up to my calves.   I cried out in fear because I had no idea what to do.  My heart started beating in my chest and I could feel it in my throat.  Thankfully, my husband had experience in water damage restoration, and started immediately to shovel the water.  I kid you not. We used shovels to get the water out. Fortunately, ProJan has more high tech ways of removing water, but it worked for us temporarily.



We worked and worked that day to get rid of the water and protect our belongings before we lost too much.  There’s much more to that story (likely I will find myself sharing in the future.) Thankfully, much in part to ProJan, there was a happy ending.

I look back at what happened and I still remember the fear of the unknown.  I still remember thinking, “What do I do?”   That day was the start of my crash course in learning what to do and how to handle it when you’re facing a water loss.  There’s a lot to learn when the unexpected happens!
We welcome your questions! So head on over to our website and put your questions in the contact box and each week I’ll print your question with my answer.  Welcome to “Ask Meg!”





She lives with her husband and two Siamese cats.  Yes, they are nice! She likes spending time with her family, reading a good book, and traveling.  She doesn’t like cleaning out the garage, car shopping, or writing grocery lists.  (All things she may or may not be presently procrastinating from doing.)

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