Why Should My Business Have An Internet Presence

What is an internet presence?

Quite simply your internet presence is everything about you on the web. If you go to google and do a search for your own name and nothing comes up, odds are you don’t have any internet presence.

If you are in business and you want to be found by others, don’t just rely on your physical location…

More and more people are turning to the internet for personal business than ever before. This does not mean that the brick and mortar, face to face business has gone away. But it does mean that we should seriously consider our position online.

Although, many people still like to deal face to face, many times they will do their research and initial shopping online first. Once they have settled on what they like they will then visit a brick and mortar business. If you don’t have an internet presence how will people searching on the internet find you?

Customers expect businesses to be available when they want them and through multiple channels, such as phone, online, self-service or instant messaging. People “expect a consistent, satisfying experience at every interaction. As a result, the walls between traditional distribution channels are crumbling.”

To survive the changing environment, we need to adapt. If we want to be effective we will need to increase your internet presence and become more flexible in communicating with clients. There is currently access to so much information through the Internet, that clients expect more. The best way to give them more is to increase the presence we have on the internet.

Having an internet presence increases loyalty and builds the relationships you have with your current clients. Your current clients are also online, and in many cases have been loyal clients for years. When you increase your presence online the relationship you have with them also grows, because they see your current updates and feel like they are more involved.

What are my options?

If you are in any kind of sales you focus some of your time on marketing. It is important that we put some of that effort into our internet presence. There are many ways that you can utilize the world wide web and you don’t need to focus on all of them. But having a presence online is critical.

Some of the best options are:

The best options are to focus on a presence that your audience can interact with. It builds the relationship you have with your client because of the interactivity.

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