Will The Winter Temperatures Effect Your Home?

Below zero temperatures are coming soon! Winter is here and now is the time to begin taking extra precautions to protect yourself from Old Man Winter’s icy grip. Don’t forget that your home needs extra protection, too. Protect your home from the damage caused by broken pipes. The damage from frozen or broken pipes can be extensive and expensive to repair. When water gets into your home it can cause many different issues. You can have all kinds of electrical issues; that can be dangerous, water can cause damage to appliances or furnaces and even cause them to stop working. Once a pipe has broken the water seeps into the walls, carpets, and padding … it goes everywhere. It is hard at that point to determine what has been damaged and what can be saved.

If it is especially cold, there are a few things you can do to help prevent frozen pipes:

  • Let faucets drip overnight
  • Open cabinet doors to expose pipes and allow heat to get in
  • Insulate pipes in crawlspaces and attics
  • Use indoor shutoffs for pipes that lead to outside faucets and hose connections
  • If you are going away, leave the heat in your home set to at least 55 degrees, and have someone check on your home while you are away


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